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J’s blog shares the gifting advice and adventures of J (Jodie Marynowski) and B (Art Bromberg). We like to share ideas in hopes that we can continuously improve this space to help save YOU time when gifting opportunities arise.  We are proud of our community and often post our local ventures as well as local store gift guides.

We would love your feedback so please feel free to share your ideas and inspiration.

Simmons Natural Bodycare Giveway

J-  I’m excited to announce we have another giveaway!!!  This one is coming to us from Simmons Natural Bodycare, a local business that has been around for over 30 years now.  One lucky reader will win this gift basket full of Simmons goodies.  Inside is a bar of sweet almond […]

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Ewe So Dirty Giveaway

J- It’s giveaway time!!! I know it has been a while since we did a giveaway here on the blog but we couldn’t be more excited to offer our readers some wonderful goodies again. This giveaway is going to have 3 lucky winners! Each winner will receive Whiskey Whiskers […]

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SimplyQuinns Handcrafted Beach Jewelry Giveaway

J- I am so excited about this post today!  I’ve teamed up with Quinn Sharp, owner & jewelry designer, to giveaway not one, but two pairs of SimplyQuinns earrings to two lucky readers.  You heard that right, two winners!!!

To enter to win you must do two things.  First, like […]

Boujie Baking Co Spotlight Crate

J- For the month of October we wanted our Small Business Spotlight crate to be full of treats and no tricks.  Teaming up with Boujie Baking Co to accomplish this was a perfect match.  If you have a loved one with a sweet tooth and a taste for beer, […]

Muddy Waters Spotlight Crate

For the month of September our featured business for our Small Business Spotlight Crate is Muddy Waters. Muddy Waters is a coffee company that was started in 1998 by Damon Woudenberg. I sat down with current owner Chris Nichols to learn more about the company.

J- Why did you decide […]

Update On J & B’s Adventures

J- Blogging has been put on the back burner for a little while.  I apologize, we hope to get back to it as soon as possible.  I’ve been missing you all and thought it might be nice to have a quick update on the adventures of J & B.

Our […]

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One Year Blogging Anniversary Giveaway

J- Today is our 1 year blogging anniversary.  We can’t believe our blog has been going for one whole year now.  Wow, we have learned a lot this past year.  In honor of our big day we are giving away one of our mini redwood gift crates filled with […]

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Friendship Day

J-  Friendship day is today July 30th, but here in the US we don’t celebrate it until August 3rd.  As to why that is I don’t know.  What I do know is, the holiday was originally founded by Hallmark sometime in the 20s and 30s (different articles had different […]

How I Find My Vendors

J-  I was recently asked about the products and companies I carry in our store and in our gift baskets & gift crates.  I thought this would be a fun topic that lets you get to know our company a bit better.

When I first started JB Maryn I only knew […]

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Gifting Quick Tip #1

J- Every now and again I’m going to write a short blog post about a gifting tip. Our first gifting tip is, write down what you give to a couple on their wedding day on the card that goes with your gift. This way, if the cards and gifts […]

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Creative Ideas to Gift Cash

J-  So often cash is the best gift option.  Who doesn’t want a little extra cash, and you are guaranteed the recipient won’t return or regift it.  But let’s face it,  it’s really boring to give and hard to wrap.   I was inspired to find some creative ways […]

The 3 Essentials in Making a Great Gift Basket

B-  Have you ever gotten a gift basket you were not too pumped about? Flimsy wicker, strange stale food, a plastic toy…you know the one.  If you want to put together a truly great gift basket you should have these 3 things, a good reusable basket, some “open right […]

The Stork’s Nest Small Business Spotlight Crate

J-  For our July Small Business Spotlight Crate we wanted to feature a local store that can make gift shopping for baby showers and toddler birthday parties  quick and easy.   We met with Jamie Sutter who owns The Stork’s Nest and discussed what would be best for this gift […]

DIY Wooden Gift Tags

B-   I started making simple wood gift tags out of some scrap wood I had laying around the shop. I’ll show you a quick way to make a bunch of gift tags without running to the craft store and buying them. This project is made A LOT easier […]

Best of Humboldt Fair 2014

B- I took a quick tour of the Best of Humboldt section of the Redwood Acres fair this past weekend, here is a few things I thought were cool, and new, well new to me at least.

My eyes were drawn to these oversized scrabble letters. They’re made by Robin […]

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First Time Visiting Holly Yashi & Found Lots of Gift Ideas

J –  Life has been interesting lately.  Between working on our business and trying to balance a life in there, thinking of blog topics has been tough for me.  Until a dear friend of mine came to visit me the other day.  She mentioned to me that she had […]

Humboldt Arts Festival

B-   J and I decided to fill our Sunday afternoon with a trip to the Creamery building in Arcata for the fourth annual Humboldt Arts Festival. On May 17th and 18th Arcata’s colorful spirit was on full display in the old industrial district.   There were craft booths for the kids, live […]

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Our First Small Business Spotlight Crate Featuring Humboldt Hotsauce

                                                                                             B- We are […]

Silk Tie Dyed Easter Eggs DIY

B – For my second egg dying adventure I decided to try Tie Dye eggs.  I had no clue what a Tie Dye egg looked like, much less how to make one.  J sent me down to Scrap Humboldt with instruction to pick up a Tie Dye kit for […]

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Gold Foil Easter Eggs

J- I started out my week with every intention to write this post early.  It just happened to be one of those weeks where things kept popping up out of nowhere.  Was a bit of a struggle to stay organized and on top of it, so unfortunately our little […]

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Gifts to Last a Lifetime

B- By the time we are somewhere in mid-adulthood we have amassed a good number of practical gifts.  As birthdays, Christmas’, and graduations go by, most of these gifts disappear over time.   Some might break; some might get replaced, or just never get used.  But every once and a […]

The Art of Natural Egg Dying

B- With people trying to get away from crazy artificial foods, I decided to try a natural Easter egg dying process.  This is egg dying at is simplest, just some veggies, and spices.   Its super simple, here’s the run down…

You will need:

Red Cabbage (one head)
Beets (about 5)
Spinach (a big […]

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St. Patrick’s Day Fun Facts

A- I sifted thru the World Wide Web in hopes of finding some interesting St Patty’s Day fun facts. So here they are in no particular order.

Fact #1- Blue was the color originally associated with the holiday, but shifted to green to better represent Ireland’s nickname “The Emerald Isle”, […]

Gift Ideas for Someone Who is Grieving

When someone close to us is grieving, we often want to reach out and let him or her know we are thinking of him or her by sending a thoughtful gift.  However picking something appropriate for the occasion can be overwhelming.  The best advice for sending a gift to […]

DIY Leprechaun Hats

A- Today I decided to tackle a DIY chocolate project that I found on a blog post from Hostess With The Mostess.  I’ve never worked with melted chocolate before.  Turns out it’s easy, fun, and tasty.
I picked up some chocolate melts from Drakes Glen Creations.  I went with a […]

Mardi Gras Beads Fun Facts

J- With Fat Tuesday upon us I did a little research to find out why beads are thrown and why women show their breasts for them during Mardi Gras.  I live on the West Coast where these types of traditions are accepted instead of taught, and since I have never […]

College Ball Cake Balls for Mardis Gras

J-  With Mardi Gras on Tuesday I was trying to put together a list of locally made goods that could help you celebrate.  That idea fell threw, but fortunately for you I found some goodies that can help you celebrate any occasion from Mardi Gras to baby showers.

If you […]

Hey Stud Muffin

J- I love holidays (obviously, I’m a gift concierge), but I’m not going to lie, after putting great gifts together for other people it gets hard to stay creative when gifting to the love of my life.  To top it off we are busier than I expected us to […]

DIY Valentine’s Concrete Hearts

A -I tried a fun, little craft project for Vday, and I made some concrete hearts.  They are super simple to make, for only about $15.    The supplies you will need are a tub of instant concrete (Quickrete).  This can be found at any hardware store.  The only other […]

The Stork’s Nest

J – When I was making coffee date plans recently with a friend of mine she had mentioned that after coffee she would need to head over to The Stork’s Nest to pick up an order she had placed and was excited to get. Because I have not yet […]

DIY Sprouting Valentine’s Gift

A- Here’s an idea for a different spin on the traditional gift of flowers for Valentines Day.  Give the gift of bulbs this year!  If all goes well your gift will be a surprise twice, once when it is given, and second when it blooms.
 I went down to Miller […]

Valentine’s Craft Party

If you have been following the blog for a little while you may remember back in October when a few friends of mine and I got together for a craft party.  If not or if you’re a new reader you can check that out here.  We enjoyed the last […]

Homemade Lavender and Rose Soap Recipe for Valentine’s Day

J-  We have another guest blog post today!  My dear friend Kaitlin was a big help to me during the holiday season.  A and I were lucky to have the extra hands on her days off.  Not only is she a good friend who donates her time to calm […]

The World of Wood Turning

J – We are back from Vacation and ready to blog.  The break was much needed and gave us plenty of time to get inspired.  I’m hoping the next few weeks we will be able to help generate ideas for Valentines Day.  But before then we are starting the […]

Joy of the Holiday Season

J- Christmas is tomorrow!  Are you ready?  I still have some running around to do.  I didn’t get to nearly half the things I wanted to do this Holiday Season.  Maybe it was the 6 fewer days between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Maybe it’s because JB Maryn was dealing with […]

Gift Idea Kids Can Make

J- Here is another guest post from one of our dear friends.  This one comes to us by Katie B, and she is writing about an inexpensive DIY gift idea the kids can do this holiday.  If you’re looking for an easy project to give to friends and neighbors, […]

Fatima’s Open House Decorations

Last weekend I was honored to be asked by Fatima Naylor to style an Open House she was hosting. I jumped at the opportunity since I’m not decorating my own house this year due to my space being overrun with gift crates.

Fatima mentioned that she would love to use […]

DIY Christmas Wreath Frame

J- I had big plans for lots of helpful and inspiring blog posts throughout the holiday season.  Unfortunately starting a business and heading into your first holiday season gets a little overwhelming and there is lots to do, but I didn’t want to leave you without new ideas to […]

Adventures of Shopping Small Saturday

B- The Carl Johnson Company is a place we all drive by a thousand times, but have you ever stopped?  We decided to go check out Carl Johnson Co during our Shop Small Saturday adventures, and here’s what we found.  The building itself seems to go on for miles, […]

Plaza Holiday Edition Gift Guide

J- With the Holidays approaching fast, I want to give you an overview of a few of our local stores to save you time & keep you out of the mall.  And maybe even help you realize you would rather spend your time with your family on Black Friday […]

Christmas Wonderland in Eureka

B- Every year Pierson’s in Eureka transforms their garden store into a Christmas wonderland.  The shovels and potting soil are replaced with nutcrackers and decorations.  Half of the store carries all the lights, tree stands, Santa statues you could imagine.  The other half is dedicated to showcasing some of […]

Shopping for Man’s Best Friend at Northern California Pet Supply & Grooming

B- With my smelly black lab in tow, I headed to Northern California Pet Supply & Grooming to give him a bath and grab some cat food. The shop is tucked away sort of Behind Don Juans, and near the old Quiznos location in Mckinleyville, a mere 17 seconds […]

Fig Tree Market is a Must Go

Last weekend I spent the day with a dear friend of mine shopping with her two children.  We wanted to hit the Baroni sale (which I wrote about earlier this week) and the Fig Twig Market at the Fairgrounds in Ferndale.  This was our first time attending Fig Twig […]

JB Maryn Discovers The Baroni Clearance Sale

J- Last weekend Baroni had a sale and it was spectacular.  This was their annual clearance sale and if you missed it, you missed out on some great deals on jewelry.
This sale is so big Baroni had to use the Arcata Community Center to show off all the goods […]

JB Maryn Shopping at Humboldt Herbals for Creative Gift Ideas

As Christmas is approaching I’m scoping out some of our local stores for creative gift ideas.  This week I ended up at Humboldt Herbals for some inspiration.

The first thing I noticed walking in the store were these Juniper Seed Beads Necklaces.  Once I read the story about the beads […]

JB Maryn’s Adventure at the Humboldt Flea Market

B- Sunday morning we made our monthly visit to the all American institution, the Flea Market.  Those who have never been to this flea market, or any flea market, have to go at least once.

The main hall at Redwood acres plays host to the event, and it is filled […]

Getting into the Spirit of Halloween with JBMaryn

J- With Halloween right around the corner we wanted to do something this past weekend that would get us in the spirit.  I personally love going to haunted houses this time of year. Not because I’m brave, but because I enjoy the feeling after I have been scared straight […]

JB Shopping at Humbolt Hardware

J- I really wanted to go check out Humboldt Hardware this weekend for gift ideas and inspiration. Unfortunately my body had other plans for me and kept me home sick. Since I was stuck inside I thought I would send my partner out to the store with the camera […]

JB Maryn’s tips for gift-wrapping

With the holidays right around the corner I thought I would help you get prepared with some video tips on how to wrap your gift.  I know wrapping can be a choir, I hope by watching one or two you can simplify the process.

This first video is by Real […]

JB Maryn Explores the Sun Valley Floral Farm

I really enjoy seeing how companies operate.  Maybe because I’m starting a business of my own and like to see what established companies have found success with.  Or maybe I just wanted an opportunity to take my camera out.  Either way, I enjoyed going to the Open house Sun […]

Halloween Craft Party

I haven’t had a very good work-life balance lately.  Work is weighing down my scale.  I have been so busy with trying to get my business up and running that I don’t spend nearly enough time with my friends.  When you throw their hectic schedules in the mix it […]

Gift Ideas at Orchids For The People

A few weekends ago with a good friend in tow I headed to the open house at Orchids For the People and found a wonderland of gift ideas.  Not only do orchids make a great alternative to giving flowers since they last much longer (up to 9 months longer), […]

Gift Shopping at the Fair – Arcata, CA

One of my all time favorite places to shop for gifts is the North Country Fair, in Arcata California.  I love to gift shop at all fairs and festivals.  You can find all kinds of really unique treasures that you don’t find in the mall, plus the atmosphere is […]

Gift Ideas for the Hard to Buy For

I know most of you have at least one person in your lives who is difficult to buy gifts for. My father is that person for me. If my dad isn’t into what you get him, he gives it back to you. He doesn’t give it back with his […]

Simply Celebrating 40

Over Labor Day weekend I was lucky enough to help my good friend celebrate her 40th birthday by helping organize and style a casual BBQ lunch.  I love parties, anytime there is a chance for me to enjoy friends and family I jump at it.  That being said, (I […]

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Grandparent’s Day Gifting

Grandparents Day is September 8th this year.  For those of us who still have our grandparents this can be a fun day to let them know we are thinking of them.  However, gifting to our grandparents can be difficult.  Most already have all that they need and don’t want […]

To Open or Not to Open

I recently read an article about parents opting to take their child’s gifts home instead of opening them up at the party for all to see.  It got me wondering, which is the best way to handle gifts when it comes to children’s parties?

When I was growing up every […]

Tying Bows Should Get Easier

I’ve had a few questions asking for tips and tricks about tying bows.  To be perfectly honest, I am not super confident in my own bow tying skills and am often watching YouTube and other videos in attempts to make myself better.  In this post I will have links […]

Back to School

Even though I don’t have children myself it is hard to miss all the back to school preparations going on all around me.  All the supplies needed and the cool clothes the kids want can keep parents busy until the first day.  In hopes to save you some time […]

Shopping Go To Host/Hostess Gifts at Plaza

On my first blog post I wanted to talk about a local store that I often gift shop at.  Plaza is a store I would recommend if you only have time to stop at one store. I am always able to find something I can use whenever I’m there.  I […]

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