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J’s blog shares the gifting advice and adventures of J (Jodie Marynowski) and B (Art Bromberg). We like to share ideas in hopes that we can continuously improve this space to help save YOU time when gifting opportunities arise.  We are proud of our community and often post our local ventures as well as local store gift guides.

We would love your feedback so please feel free to share your ideas and inspiration.

Silk Tie Dyed Easter Eggs DIY

B – For my second egg dying adventure I decided to try Tie Dye eggs.  I had no clue what a Tie Dye egg looked like, much less how to make one.  J sent me down to Scrap Humboldt with instruction to pick up a Tie Dye kit for sale there.  The nice folks at Scrap Humboldt have packaged little bundles of old silk […]

Gold Foil Easter Eggs

J- I started out my week with every intention to write this post early.  It just happened to be one of those weeks where things kept popping up out of nowhere.  Was a bit of a struggle to stay organized and on top of it, so unfortunately our little blog got moved to the back burner.  I’m finally getting around to it, and honestly, couldn’t […]

Gifts to Last a Lifetime

IMG_5287B- By the time we are somewhere in mid-adulthood we have amassed a good number of practical gifts.  As birthdays, Christmas’, and graduations go by, most of these gifts disappear over time.   Some might break; some might get replaced, or just never get used.  But every once and a while you receive a gift […]

The Art of Natural Egg Dying

IMG_5285B- With people trying to get away from crazy artificial foods, I decided to try a natural Easter egg dying process.  This is egg dying at is simplest, just some veggies, and spices.   Its super simple, here’s the run down…

You will need:

  • Red Cabbage (one head)
  • Beets (about 5)
  • Spinach (a big clump)
  • Dill seed (the cheapest […]

St. Patrick’s Day Fun Facts

Calendar closeupA- I sifted thru the World Wide Web in hopes of finding some interesting St Patty’s Day fun facts. So here they are in no particular order.

Fact #1- Blue was the color originally associated with the holiday, but shifted to green to better represent Ireland’s nickname “The Emerald Isle”, as well as a […]

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